Cubic Street Soccer 3D




    This is fully physics based 3D funny street soccer game. All you have to is click one button and try to first 5 goals!

    You can kick your opponents head with your legs at the same time, you need stay on ground for defend on your goal!

    - Customize your players. You can unlock different forms with earned golds. (more than 40)

    - With power up system, each round will be funny.

    - You can active 14 Power-ups. Like goals, Small ball, or Freeze your opponent.

    - Play against with a friend or try to earn cups in tournament mode vs Hard CPU.

    - Challenge in 3 amazing tournament mode. Amateur, semi-pro and Stars league!

    - Choose your country and play against another countries!

    - With 2 buttons mode support, you can play up to 4 players.

    Click, kick and make some score!

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