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    DRPU Software’s Piano Keyboard Classic Music is a Virtual Digital Piano cum synthesizer Keyboard instrument with multipurpose functionalities and Top Quality Sound. This App empowers you to innovate and entertain with music and enables you to experience the piano on your Mobile Phone.

    The Piano keyboards have all scale of octaves and Pitch Keys starting from C0 to C5. This Digital Piano App is and amazing combination of:

    1. Classic Piano
    2. Electric Piano
    3. Grand Piano and Classic Grand
    4. Classic Keyboard Piano
    5. Whirly
    6. Soul Organ
    7. Classic Rock Organ
    8. Modern Piano
    9. Heavy Metal Organ Keyboards
    10. Smooth Clav Piano Keyboard
    11. Weighted Keyboard
    12. Casio Yamaha and other Modern Synthesizers keyboard simulator
    13. Modern Electronic musical instrument row of keys

    Now you keep amazing Portable Piano in your pocket and carry it anywhere and compose music, play your own Music in a simple way. We have designed Lighted Keys and Touch expert Keyboard to provide a fun way to learn how to play music.

    Start Enjoying! Tap to download now, It’s Free!

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