Royal Chaos–Enter A Dreamlike Kingdom of Romance




    Royal Chaos–The Greatest Royal Experience

    The 1st Anniversary! Continue the Romance.
    Join in the celebration to win exclusive costume.

    Royal Chaos is a card-based adventure game that brings you an immersive take on the Chinese ancient palace carved by romance. Being thrust into the dramatic but struggling chaos as a noble lady, will you grin and bear the destiny? Or write your own story – adorned with beautiful fashion, romantic encounters, and the surrenders of your enemies!

    The 1st Anniversary -- Continue the Romance
    It’s the 1st birthday of Royal Chaos! Exclusive costume, special item gift, all in celebration!

    Adorable Pets -- Raise Cute Fellows
    Hatch Pet Eggs. It’s time to raise your royal pet and you can even have an UNICORN!

    Sweet Home -- Your Own Farm
    Fishing, farming, cooking?? Run your farm and produce food and material to build up your team.

    Immersive Story -- Imperial Harem Drama
    The most addictive royal love affair. Immerse into the updating storyline. Experience the complicated juicy harem infighting and grow with the main character.

    Various Costumes -- Personally Tailored
    Conquer with your beauty. Various outfits to build your own stylish palace fashion and stand out in beauty contest. Let your wardrobe be your weapon.

    Romantic Wedding -- Royal Love Experience
    Chat with other players, take a stroll through beautiful courtyards, or enjoy a private candlelit dinner! Want something more? Having a Royal Wedding! Let your friends witness your happiness.

    Faction Treasure -- Play With Friends
    Make friends and join in a faction! Hunt treasures with your friends and compete with other the factions.


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