Good morning Hippo




    What so interesting can the whole family, adults and children do? Of course to play useful educating games with good fascinating story together! And so, yesterday we had bedtime tales and we wished good night to all the citizens of the Hippo town. But the alarm clock went off and cheerful Hippo town wakes up! Let's hurry, it is necessary to say "Good morning!" to all its citizens. The game "Good Morning, Hippy" is a direct continuation of an old, beloved story. This time we have came up with new logical tasks, wonderful bright pictures and amusing puzzles. The educating games and fairy tales became even more interesting, more versatile and more fascinating. It is interactive history for all family!

    Each resident of the seaside town is engaged in the interesting tasks in the morning. Together with our heroes we will brush teeth, take a shower, do exercises, do the cleaning, prepare a meal and we will even follow the complex devices of the large lighthouse! But the alarm clock will not be able to wake up each resident of the town. Father Leo has three alarm clocks in his room and every morning he battles with them with pillows and slippers. We will help father Leo to wake up and we will tell him "Good morning!", so he will go and brush teeth, take a shower and then with new energy begin to make new stories and interactive fairy tales in his study. And what interesting logical tasks and incredible pictures are waiting for us on a pirate schooner of the uncle Raccoon and in a large old lighthouse? What do the pirate cook and the ship boy do in the mornings? And how many interesting tasks are waiting for mother Jozie this morning in the kitchen? You will find it out from new great interactive story "Good Morning, Hippo"!

    Series of games Good morning and Good night are wonderful fairy tales and interactive stories with the educational elements which will be equally suitable for all ages. In addition, this new game, like every our educational family games, is completely free! Stay with us, follow the updates and bring joy to yourself and your loved ones, playing with them in our free educational games for the whole family.

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