Play Room




    Play Room is a first-person free-play game; you can do whatever you want. There are no rules and no health. Do you want to go pop endless bubbles with a laser? Go to the bubble room.
    Do you want to make objects float off the ground without gravity? Use the anti-grav gun. Do you want to launch fireworks? Take the Rubber ball gun to the firework room and hit as many as you can!
    Here are a list of the fun weapons you can play with:
    Rubber Ball Gun
    Anti-grav Gun
    Gravity Gun
    Singularity Gun (yes you can make black holes)
    Blaster Gun
    Tractor Beam
    Repulser Beam
    Cutting Beam
    Popper Gun
    Firework Gun

    Have fun!

    *Note: To get more ammo click the Wildcard (W) button and watch a short game ad. Then select the ammo pack you want.

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