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    Echoes is an adventurous maze style, puzzle game. Echoes takes place in the mystical forest "Selene". In order to beat the game you need to find a way out of the mazes, in the shortest period of time.

    On your journey you will find yourself into puzzle fields and you will need to solve the given puzzle (Jigsaw or Memory) in order to continiue.

    In all the levels you will find colored doors that will require a same color key or a "Claudia", in order to open them. The walls in the "Selene" Forest, are charged with negative energy and drain Echoes life points.

    Watch out for your life points! If the life bar hits - 0, you will have to start the level from the beginning. Once you find your way out, you will be one step closer to saving Echoes and the Selene Forest from the dark clouds.

    The story behind Echoes is mystic and adventurous. Dark clouds are over the Selene Forest. Kana, the ruler of light in the forest and her child Echoes, are the only
    one that can stop the darkness, from destroying their home. But, as the dark clouds are getting stronger, Kana will lost Echoes to the storm.

    The last power of Kanas Amulet - the Claudias are supposed to guide and help Echoes trough his way in the "Selene" Forest. Echoes - "The Source of Light" has the power to light the dark path for a few seconds. Using the power of Echoes, you should be able to navigate trough the dark forest and mazes.

    Echoes has its own "Build Your Own Level" mode. In this mode, you will be able to make your own level, in the way you imagined it, and you will be able to challenge other players - online! Building your own level gives you the opportunity to create a unique design level, where you choose where you would like to put a colored door, puzzle field and "Claudias".

    "Build Your Own Level" mode, will be unlocked after you complete the campaign levels.

    The first world contains 10 story mode (campaign) levels, and 5 slots for you to save your own levels. Within the next update, Echoes will be exploring the forgoten, mystic castle of "Attis".

    Echoes has two ways of playing style - With a Joystick or you can use the "Tilt" option if you are in for a challenge.

    Specially dedicated to autistic children.

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