Hippo Astronaut: Space adventures




    The boundless sky full of stars attracts with its greatness. Take a special suit with a jet pack on and let's start our adventure to the endless space. Stars are calling. Hippo is a spaceman today! Our star adventure starts now. Like a real spaceman, you will be in the real space. Are you ready for a space adventure? Then let's go! Family games for boys and girls about the space are waiting for you.

    Exciting arcade is renewed with classical games about space and series of educational family games. The earth is left far away and our spaceman is moving bravely between all the possible space objects. As you may have understood, Hippo is a spaceman in our game. She is meeting planets, asteroids and mysterious coins artifacts. Avoid planet collisions and asteroids while collecting coins. Hippo has only three lives but it is not a problem. The more coins you have, the more additional lives you get.

    It seems to be very easy, isn't it? But our game for boys and girls is not so easy. Family games are good at the case, when they are educational games. And our game refers to this kind of game, it is a reaction game. This interesting game really develops attention and reaction of the player. There isn't any time to relax! There are a lot of obstacles and they are getting smaller. Hippy could hardly manage to avoid tricky asteroids. Help her to fulfill her mission. But, as well as all family games for boys and girls, except of education, our game will make you happy. Exciting graphics and funny music will help you.

    Try our new game from the series of family games for boys and girls. Have a lot of positive emotions! Stay tuned and stay with us. Our free games for boys and for girls will make you happy.

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