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    Colorings for kids are getting more and more popular like apps for smartphones and tablets. It doesn't depend on how much kid likes painting and on the shapes they create, the monotonous process is just getting boring. That's why we have made up absolutely new colorings for kids, where kid needs not only paint or color ready made images of funny animals. Hippo Painting also allows children to play with paint! Our beloved Hippo and her brother Ji adore to paint and play! Do you like to paint and have fun? Than this painting game is created especially for you.

    The series of educational Hippo games is renewed with a funny and interesting game, designed to develop the artful skills of your kid. All the Hippo family will be playing today. Daddy Hippo, Mommy Hippo, Hippy and brother Ji - everybody will teach your kid how to use the tools, which our heroes are good at. Kid could paint colorful stripes and shapes, color the big amount of ready made pictures with funny animals, fees, ponys and other funny characters. Young pioneers could find a gigantic collection of stickers and seals connected to many popular topics. And of course, with our coloring games, you could play with paint and pencils! The great surprise for kids will be the great variety of fun-tools, which could help you to create a real masterpiece of the most modern branches of art. Such painting games are never boring! This is the best coloring game for kids!

    Kids coloring games, as well as all our educational games for kids, are absolutely for free. Do you like to paint, play and have fun? Than Hippy invites you to her art workshop! This is the best game to develop artful skills of boys and girls. Stay tuned, stay with us and play our educational and entertaining games together with your kids!

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