Hippo at the Airport: Adventure




    Airport games are replenished with a remarkable novelty. Hippo and her family arrived at the airport to start an exciting journey. Our favorite characters are waiting for an adventure, but firstly they need to leave their luggage to check. While a funny family is waiting for their flight, Hippo decides to find out how the airport works. Kind Uncle Dog allows her to check baggage with him.

    Try to put the right amount of bags on a conveyor belt. Do the same, but with the right color of bags. And to make journeys safe and so that nothing could spoil our adventures enlighten suitcases with a special device. Try to recognize objects, packed in bags and suitcases. Sorting bags could be fun and exciting!

    Besides, our free family games help players to develop. User learns to count and recognizes the color of an object easily and playfully. Hippo will help players and cheer them up during a failure. Fingers will also be trained during the game! To send Hippo family on a journey, you need to sort accurately their bags and choose the right items, packed in bags. Our family games teach users and make them happy.

    When the sorting is complete and there is nothing to do, take your sit on the plane and leave the airport. Go on a long-awaited journey, where funny adventures are waiting for you. But this is only the beginning of a game series about the airport! You can play forever our family games! That is why we will continue to delight you with new games. Our free educational games for boys and girls are created with love especially for you. Stay with us, stay tuned and have fun going through interesting adventures with Hippo.

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