Pot Luck




    Pot Luck - Avoid the balls in this frantic game of dodge. Make the jumps, avoid the obstacles and navigate tightropes to get your ball as far through the course as possible. Choose different balls with changing courses to find the best strategy for a high score.

    Collect the stars to play different level types with more obstacles and advanced player balls. Tap anywhere to jump over the billiards balls and cues. Keep control of the player and try to judge your landing or you will miss the pool table altogether!

    Starts slow but don't get too confident - the speed will soon pick up and test your reflexes to the max. Its a roller not a runner and you will need lady luck to be with you along with skill and judgement

    Pot luck features pool balls, bouncy balls , fast, slow, cue balls, snooker balls, disco balls or football. Choose your player and collect the stars to unlock more levels and players. Do you have the luck or the skill to work your way up the scoring charts?

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