The First Day Of Life




    The First Day Of Life is a game of fantasy and survival, where you will have to construct your camp, find your food, and some drinks or fruits to be kept hydrated, without hunger, and with the sufficient health.

    Be part of this story that begins here, where not everything will be easy, as there will be predators waiting just for you to eat, as each person will have moments of ups and downs.

    Game features:
    You will be hungry and thirsty, it will be better to go out to look for trees to cut to obtain fruits or to kill predators to obtain their meat and materials to survive.

    Build your refuge from a basic camp to a large house.

    Each camp will give you a benefit even when you are far away.

    Create weapons to defend yourself from predators.

    There are chests that you will get in different parts of the map, some at a glance, and others not so visible.

    IMPORTANT: Game in Alpha phase. Soon there will be a cooperative multiplayer mode where you can play with your friends online, there will be more maps that you can explore, more objects, more weapons, more equipment with which you can defend yourself, more power-ups, and more enemies that you will have to run.

    ¡Run, kill, survive, this is your fantasy story!

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