Elf Romance - Love Story Games with Choices




    Welcome to the world of fairy tales! Meet a brave girl and her friends and set out on an adventure of a lifetime! This "interactive love story" will take you to the fantasy world of elves where magic is all around! This best "visual novel game" Elf Romance - Love Story Games with Choices offers you a thrilling "teenage love affair" where you are given a chance to choose the love of your life! Each new episode of these "fantasy games" brings lots of suspense and tons of choices that will change the course of your "virtual love story" and the life of our high school girl. So dive into the realm of fairy land and these "otome games" and "role-playing games" will transform you into a brave heroine! These simulation games "Elf Romance - Love Story Games with Choices" put forward lots of choices – which one is the right one?

    Fantastic graphics, awesome characters and the most exciting romance story!
    Become a heroine and create your own fantasy love story!
    Choose your date: you decide who's gonna be your boyfriend!
    Choose your hairstyle and clothes for various occasions!
    Tap-based gameplay – make a choice of your words!
    Help your friends and outwit your enemies!
    Discover the most gripping story in sequels!
    In this best free "fantasy story game" you get a chance to create your own plot!
    SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: Polski, Türkçe, Español, Português, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Srpski, Русский, Bahasa Indonesia, عربى!

    Don't let your true love slip away. These best "romantic games" will teach you how to solve your romantic dilemmas and stay true to your BFFs. Make your decision and solve your personal drama. But be careful – one wrong choice could change the scenario of your "teenage love affair"!
    If you like "dating games" for teenagers and "high school life simulator games", this "storytelling game" will surely win your heart. You will be waiting with anticipation for every new episode of these "RPG games" for girls and boys. Is this the only world or do we have an alternative option? Find out in this magical visual story that will swipe you off your feet with its captivating storyline and a multitude of options.

    Cool "love story games for teenage girls" with lots of choices!

    Choose a perfect hairstyle and outfit and get ready to save the world! Solve fascinating mysteries, reveal secrets, make tough decisions – defy your fate! The most stirring free “teen love story games” will leave you craving for more. Experience the thrill and charm of youth with this "interactive game" and taste the bitter-sweetness unrequited love. Elf Romance - Love Story Games with Choices are incredible "romantic dating games" with cute characters and mythical beings from fairy tales and teen romance books. If you like stories of fairies, elves and other magical creatures, this epic fantasy adventure will take your breath away! Embark on a romantic quest and find your true love among plenty of characters, each with their own romantic love story to tell!

    Fantastic otome games and a tap-based episode game that you create!

    Get ready for incredible twists and turns! In these romantic love story games your life could be transformed in a split second! Interactive stories are the best way to create your own fairy tale and live your dream to the fullest! Elf Romance - Love Story Games with Choices offer you awesome graphics and a chance to reveal hidden secrets of an enchanted forest and its creatures. Explore the world of elves, witness supernatural events, visit the most unusual places, reveal the darkest secrets. Download this free app and start a heroic battle against the evil forces. Love conquers all but YOU lead the way. Will you go back to your world or will you choose to remain in the world of elves where every day is like a fantasy journey? The decision is all yours!

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