Freak? - Questions and Shadows




    Are not you the freak? Great proves to be the most geeky through this trivial (quiz) and gets the maximum possible points.
    Enjoy alone or with your friends by playing the quiz game (trivia) geeks, more fun in the store, where you will have to answer questions and guess which character the shadows belong to!

    Select the game mode you like most (Arcade or Survival) and see answering the questions or guessing the shadow of the character that appears, four different categories are in which the questions are divided:

    - Anime
    - Series
    - Films
    - Video game

    You have a thousand reasons why you should be playing this game right now, but the main ones are:
    - You have more than 900 questions or different shadows.
    - You can prove to your friends that you are more geeky than them, through a ranking.
    - You have several game modes, and you can choose the one that best suits you.
    - You will remember or learn new things about each one of the animes, series, movies or video games.
    - You are the game more geeky than the whole store.

    Feel the pride that has every geek, and do not hesitate, download this game! , And may the force accompany you, or luck, whichever suits you best.

    NOTICE: Download and play geek? It's free, but video viewing and banner display can consume megs of the internet.

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