Animal Farm Games For Kids




    Does your kid love educational games and want to be a farmer ?
    If your child want to play within a farm you have found the right educational game !
    Let's go to learn about farming !
    Help the farmer to take care of the farm !
    This job is so much fun ! Let's be the best farmer of the countryside !

    This peasant needs your help ! Choose among a lot of levels and let the fun begin!
    Complete all the levels and dress up the peasant woman !
    Play the role of a peasant, there are lot of different farm games and activities !
    Can you help this farmer ?

    This app is a challenging and fun way to develop fine motor skills, visual perception and hand-eye coordination
    in the world of newborns and infants.

    Animal Farm Games For Kids is simple and fun :
    * Open the game and choose the level
    * bathe the beautiful horse, it is very dirty !
    * feed the chickens
    * mowing the grain and harvest grain
    * grow tomatoes
    * plow the field with tractor
    * take out the wool from the sheeps
    * and do not forget to dress up the farm girl
    * memory training with the farm memory game !
    * share the farm images with your friends

    Today the Old MacDonald farmer is very busy, and he has many things to do.
    Can you help this adorable peasants in this adorable game ?
    If you love to play with farm game this is the best game for your child.

    Animal Farm Games For Kids is a must have app for kids. Features:
    -game suitable for the whole family
    -Optimized for tablets (Sony , Samsung, Kindle)
    -entertaining and educational game
    -easy to use for children and preschoolers, babies, little boys and little girls
    -simple and intuitive : just a few commands to use
    -exercise your fine motor skills
    -Promotes problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination
    -a lot of different farm games and activities
    -complete so many different fun activities
    -be the owner of your own farm and take care of the animals
    -play with a lot of different fun games in the farm !
    -dress up the farmer girl for her daily job
    -sow the field with the tractor and mowing the grain
    -plant the seeds and provide water to them
    -collect all the fruits and vegetables from the plants that grew up

    Help your kids to learn and inspire your creativity and imagination in this farm game !
    Play with the best farm game for kids, become the best farmer in the world!
    The kids need your help in this farm ! Run the coolest farm in the country !

    Have fun with BATOKI !

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