Musical Games For Babies FREE




    Hey Kids !
    Enjoy playing and learning all the different musical instruments with all the different friendly animals.
    Which musical instrument does your toddler prefer ?
    Start the game and you will find lot of different animals with different types of musical instruments.
    Tap on each of the animals, they will show you how the instrument is played and what sound it creates.
    Play lot of different types of musical instruments with various different animals with different musical instruments
    at many different locations.
    Enjoy this musical game for toddlers and learn to play different musical instruments.


    - educational and entertaining game.
    - Simple for toddlers and babies.
    - help your toddler to improve skills in problem solving, logical and cognitive skills, concentration, memory and to develop fine motor skills.
    - discover all the baby musical instruments in different animated scenes.
    - enjoy the musical rhythms.
    - a lot of background music.
    - play the most popular musical instruments: piano, xylophone and drums.
    - introduce toddlers to the world of music
    - Share this educational games with friends and have lot of fun.

    Have a nice day with Musical Games For Babies ! Relax and have fun with Bibubi !

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