Loop Crash Drive




    Manage your speed and avoid other vehicles.
    Try to score as much as you can and do not crash!
    How much can you last?

    All racers, brace yourselves! The craziest crash drive is here.
    Circle Crash Drive is a super interesting and addictive game. It is a pulse-racing game as your car races in circles to beat the other moving cars. In this game, the player has to save his car from getting crashed by the other moving cars.

    The game has two levels: Easy and Hard.

    How to play?
    In Loop Crash Drive, a player has to drive the cool cars in circular routes. The player touches right or left to rev up or slow down their car in order to avoid other hastily-moving vehicles, and collect coins to unlock new cool cars. This is a fun, easy-to-play-hard-to-master game that will keep the player entertained for hours. Moving on safely unlocks the other speedy cars and makes you earn coins and rewards.

    – Variety of cars with classy look and style
    – One-touch addictive gameplay
    – Unlock new stylish cars
    – Earn coins and rewards
    – Daily reward system

    Premium Features:
    Get access to more exciting features by getting the premium version of this crazy game.
    – In-app Purchases
    – Push notifications for levels crossed
    – Coin and stunning car packs
    – No Ads
    – Scoreboards and achievements

    Enjoy this exciting drive. Download this thrilling game today!