Unroll Ball




    Thank you for download UNROLL BALL Standard Edition.

    Unroll the ball throughout 200+ levels. Try to play a puzzler/Brain Treasure to refresh your brain, Yes, you found it. Unroll Ball is a very simple and addictive puzzle game, it makes you keep playing for FREE! Take the ball from one point to another making the lowest possible amount of moves and Make Ball rolling by unlocking blocks..! Get a High Score in every level and then try and beat your friend’s records. Unroll Ball challenges your puzzle solving skills. What are you waiting for? Download Unroll Ball and start solving puzzles now!

    How to play Hunt Games - UnRoll Ball -Puzzle?
    MOVE the blocks with your finger to unroll a path
    BUILD the path for moving the ball the Goal block/ Red Goal
    Star Mode & Classic mode
    Use hints when you get in troubles or you encounter a difficult level
    Skip level if needed
    Try to get/Earn 3 Stars
    Roll the ball to get out of trouble
    Ask a friend through the social network.
    Watch video ads for getting free rubies.


    - Lots of puzzles ( 200 + puzzles ) for you to solve. Many more to come
    - 4 different scenarios/ Levels of difficulty. Many more to come
    - Classic esthetics.
    - Records display.

    All options and features of the game are free for you to enjoy without any limit.

    This game will train your visual memory, intelligence, and mental speed and help you solve puzzles more easily.
    Let your children learn and develop problem-solving skills with this game.

    Please do not forget to let us know what you think about the game!
    Let’s go for amazing Puzzle Game- UnRoll Ball journey!