Scrambler – Classic 80s Arcade Game




    Push your skills to the edge with this free retro arcade game Scrambler. It’s an old-school, game room style side scrolling shooter game where you navigate your ship through 6 different stages packed with menacing enemies, on the way to the final Enemy Base. Then destroy the Base to receive your mission’s stats & prepare for the next exciting level!

    You can play offline: no WiFi / no internet required – you will just miss out on Rewarded Videos offers.

    - Quickly save your games - for on-the-go gaming – continue whenever you want to

    - Classic arcade coin-op experience; graphics, sounds, gameplay – everything is there!
    - Two touchscreen player control methods, plus Bluetooth Gamepad Controller support
    - Free lives at unlimited score points, continues offered, local & global high score tables
    - Google Play Games: Global Leaderboards & 24 Achievements
    - 100% playable without in-app purchases!
    - Technically brilliant for Android; 60 FPS, responsive touchscreen, small APK / load time
    - Top up your fuel by shooting fuel tanks!

    Tip: Download to a large tablet and sit back with a Bluetooth wireless gamepad!

    Use your device’s Back Button
    Hi-Scores/Leaderboards: Two types:
    1: Local to your device: Seen in attract/demo mode
    2: Global: Google Play Games: Sign-in/view from pre-game options
    Novice Mode (Easier):
    Auto set ON at install, & auto turns OFF forever when you’re familiar with the controls
    Difficulty “Normal: Android Mode”:
    Terrain Avoidance System helps to stop you crashing into the ground
    Easier Stage 5 (Maze) map
    No losing lives on the final End Base stage
    Difficulty “Brutal: GamePad a must!”:
    None of the above!
    Tip: Use a Bluetooth Controller GamePad!

    Tip 1: Learn to quickly lift your left thumb & then touch again to “reset” the distance between your thumb & ship. E.g. push your ship forward then lift + retouch behind & above to fly near the ground, etc.
    Tip 2: You can very quickly fire both your Lasers + Bombs by sliding your right thumb up & down over the buttons. You don’t need to lift your thumb (& both buttons are auto-fire).

    Note: Since Scrambler is free to play, it is supported by (optional) Video Ads, & helped by Analytics.
    Read/modify/delete contents of SD card / USB storage:
    Your SD card is only used for Video ads, which are cached to avoid delays/stuttering with playback. Scrambler does NOT access any other data.
    View network connections / Full network access:
    Video Ads & Analytics need access to the internet to function.

    - Send bugs or suggestions to

    - You are allowed (and encouraged!) to put footage of Scrambler on YouTube or any other website

    ***This game is an unofficial clone of an old original game and is not endorsed by the registered trademark and copyright owners.

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