Animal Jigsaw Puzzle: Solve By Numbers




    Create animal jigsaw puzzles from animal photos. Turn animals photos into puzzles with a choice of shapes, sizes, and the number of pieces.
    Drag animal image pieces and place them in the correct area to solve the puzzle. You can Identify the target area either by number or outline to solve the puzzles.
    Discover tons of free 2D and 3D animal artworks or make your own wild animal & birds picture by solving the jigsaw puzzle.
    Animal characters paint by numbers is a great anti-stress game & develop your drawing skills. It's a great wild animal's color by number puzzle game where you have to arrange a collection of wild animal or birds image pieces by number and create fantastic artwork!
    Wild animal jigsaw paint by number puzzle game is a simple yet challenging experience for your brain. Just drag and drop animal's image pieces onto the image stencil.
    Use both sides of your brain to connect shapes in a genius animal artwork. Create custom animal puzzle and Solve to make your favorite wild animal pictures.
    Wild animal Puzzle Drawing By Numbers game allows you coloring by number! Download free wild animal jigsaw puzzle game and Throw away your stress.
    Animal Photo to Puzzle maker game allows you to Convert any animal photo into a realistic looking jigsaw puzzle in seconds with just a few clicks.
    Create a custom animal puzzle from bird and animal photos and make a fun. It’s fun for adults & kids. You can change animal jigsaw puzzle patterns accordingly.

    How to play:
    * Drag animal's and bird's image pieces and place them in the correct area.
    * Identify the target area either by number or outline.
    * Play as an animal jigsaw puzzles.

    Best Features:
    * Hundreds of animal puzzles to solve.
    * Choose puzzle style, shapes, sizes, and the number of pieces by changing pattern mode.
    * User-friendly interface and gameplay.
    * Regular wild animal puzzles updates.
    * Anti-stress coloring game.
    * Share your creativity to all.

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