Offroad Driving Zone




    Off-road Driving Zone is such a game in which you will learn visually that the how laws of physics are applied. You have a wide range of different models and colours of cars from which you will select the car of your favourite design. It has outstanding game play and astonishing graphics. It will help you to learn the physics principals as it uses the basic principal of lever and Newton's 3rd law holds good in it. You can also share this game with your love ones through etc.
    How to play this Game: You have to just select the car accorfing to you taste and than starts your journey on off-road way. You have to carefully manage your car on the road as it contains jumps and obstacles in your way. During your race you have to collect up the coins. You will be awarded by special rewards if you collected large number of coins in short time without losing.
    Game level: There is no range about the game level. You hava to just collect the coins with efficiency with out losing the race.
    Game Type: off-road type of game in which different models of cars are present.
    Specialty: It uses the basic principals and laws of physics so very game for learning about physics.

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