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    Five Nights at Bear Bear's

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    FNaBB, the game where you survive nights at some unknown pizzeria that for sure is either haunted by possessed animatronics or they use real animals I'm not really sure.

    There are 5 peeps:
    -Cheezy: He will appear randomly every 3e+10 through 5e+10 nanoseconds. Just slap him across at the rate of x+10+50-60+x-x=y. x=how fast you slap.

    -Randy: He appears by the hour and he won't tell you if he's there, so pay attention to that clock. When it does turn a new hour then type his name in less than 0.00138889 hours (fast) or he will jumpscare you.

    Bacon: He slowly comes up from under your desk and makes your screen... I mean.... office darker. just click him..... tap- him?

    Bear to the bear is on yo dogs cameras and Cookie is like the Marionet---- OH SHIZZOIIUSIHFCIJBSIHVBIUHSBUHBVUHDBIHBIUFBIHEBIUHFHBDIBVIHBBIHEBIHJB--- I mean wind her up.

    Because we got some lazy employees working on this game, they thought it would be best to have 1-night that's really hard then have another night (6th night) that's really really hard so its kind impossible.

    oh yeah, there also is a benefit from reading this boring description:

    -don't go on cam 09

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