Classic chess




    Because it is an application easy to understand explanations of rules
    Rules are easier to understand intuitively than books and websites!
    I understand the rules necessary to play chess.
    Beginners who are going to start from now are also recommended for chess applications for those who want to check the rules!

    AI with wide difficulty level is installed!
    AI equipped to be able to play from beginner to advanced!
    You can feel better progress as the level is divided finely.
    We will also install a stronger level of AI in future updates.

    3D and 2D correspondence!
    In 3D mode you can play chess while enjoying the atmosphere with beautiful graphics.
    In 2D mode, the piece information is easy to understand, and it is easy to confirm the war situation.
    Because you can choose your favorite mode, you can also use it properly according to your mood!

    Update schedule
    Adjustment of direction and operation feeling
    Addition of CPU AI
    Implementation of additional functions such as ranking

    When making inquiries, please contact us from the inquiry form within this application.

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