Brisca 4




    Enjoy playing Brisca!!

    The brisca is one of the most popular games in Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Puerto

    Rico and the United States. Brisca Online is a virtual room in which
    You can play with other players from anywhere in the world. The goal of Tute is to add as many

    points as you can and to upgrade.

    Counting points:
    - At the end of the hand are added the points of each player
    - The cards count 11 as (1), 10 the three (3), 4 the king (12), the horse (11) and the second (10)

    Featured Features:
    - Play Tute against other players from anywhere or against Android.
    - 4 types of classifications. For 1, 2, 3 and 4 players. Get to be the best in all modalities !!
    - HD deck (high resolution)
    - Achievements: A multitude of challenges that allow you to gain experience points
    - The cards count 11 as (1), 10 the three (3), 4 the king (12), the horse (11) and the second (10)
    - Invite your friends to play brisca
    - Includes explanation of the game of brisca and help
    - Receive invitations from your friends to play
    - Playing quick games with other players
    - Enable or disable help and sound
    - Optimized for all types of phones and tablets

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