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    Ocean Overlord is the newest free classic battleship mobile game. The first battleship game with a single global server, creating a true global free-for-all environment. The game includes over 200 elaborately designed battleship models and more than 100 modern famous navy generals to help you create and lead your own invincible fleet and conquer the whole world!
    The game is set in the early 20th Century when the world was still shrouded in darkness after World War I. Your job is to lead the anti-fascist movement, blow the horn of justice, gather like-minded people, eliminate the world’s dark forces and restore world peace!

    【Game Features】:
    1.***Exquisite Battleship Models & Cool Visual Effects***
    Over 200 carefully crafted battleship models, including legendary vessels from USA, Germany, Britain, Soviet Union, France etc.

    2.***100 Famous Navy Generals & Prominent Battle Strategies***
    Dubbed human voices and realistic graphics help bring historic Generals back to life. Gather different famous modern Generals, each with their own special traits, and watch as they change the face of a battle in the blink of an eye.

    3.***Innovative Strategy Battle Mode & Original War Scenery***
    Ignite your war genes and command up to 12 Generals to lead up to 72 battleships, aircraft carriers, and cruisers into battle.

    4.***Elaborate Battle Plot***
    Occupy the world’s famous ports and cities one by one, recreate original famous battles and devise effective strategies and tactics.

    5.***Various PVP,PVE Game Modes***
    Multiple fascinating game modes, including Legion battles, Anti-ship exercises, Air-defense exercises etc.

    6.***Single Global Server***
    Fight for your country, enjoy real-time translation, create online friendships and build your own great online Alliance battle in the single global server.

    Exquisite battleships, furious battles, lifelike speech and explosive music together create the perfect “Ocean Overlord”. Download now to discover other wonderful features!

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