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    An interactive, fun, and engaging free trivia game and quiz app!

    QuizPursuit is a fun combination of knowledge and entertainment. With over 25 million questions, and new ones being added every day, QuizPursuit has the most comprehensive coverage of topics and questions. This free trivia app will not only give you a fun gaming experience but will also enhance your knowledge.

    With this engaging quiz app, you can either play alone or challenge your friends in a round of trivia on your favorite topics.

    Practice and build your trivia skills with the “Free Play” mode and then test your skills in the engaging “Levels” mode. The more quiz questions that you answer correctly, the higher the level you reach for that quiz topic.

    QuizPursuit has topics for everyone. From sports to general knowledge to movies, we’ve got it all. Simply search for your topic of interest and start playing.

    This app will not only test your trivia knowledge but also help you learn new things every day.

    What’s more?

    Get daily login rewards and earn nuggets as you advance through levels.

    Still not convinced? Look at the following features and decide for yourself:

    Free forever, no hidden charges
    Over 25 million unique questions
    No question is ever repeated after being answered correctly
    1000s of topics to meet everyone’s interests
    Multiple play options - Free Play, Levels, and Challenge
    Earn nuggets for advancing through levels
    Wager nuggets to challenge friends to a round of trivia
    Smooth play experience, without bugs or glitches
    Daily login rewards
    Bonus points for answering fast
    The ultimate source for learning lesser-known facts and hidden knowledge

    So what are you waiting for? Download this fun and addictive trivia app and get started on your journey to becoming a quizmaster.

    How to Play
    Search for a topic and start answering questions in the “Free Play” mode.

    In the “Levels” mode, advance through levels by answering questions on different topics. The more questions you answer correctly for a topic, the higher level you’ll reach for that particular topic. Earn nuggets for advancing through levels.

    In the “Challenge” mode, wager nuggets to challenge friends. Win nuggets from your friends by winning challenges.

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