Word Search




    *** 7 Game Modes available: Online Battle, Time Attack, Blitz, No Hint, Synonym, Antonym, Random.
    *** 24 Categories of Words vocabulary are waiting for you!
    *** Light and Dark word search themes.
    *** Sound on & sound off options.
    *** In Statistics, you can see your Best Time, Total Time, Word Found and Battle Won.
    *** Unlock achievements after playing a great deal.
    *** Leader board will record your rankings in Best Time, Word Found, and Battle Won.

    Word Search is a classic word search game (also known as word find, word seek, wordbrain, word sleuth, word puzzle, sopa de letras, or buscar).

    Word Search Puzzles: Crossword is easy to play. To play Word Search Puzzles: Crossword, you have to find the words hidden in the grid. If you find a word given below the grid appears in the grid, just slide the letters up, down, left, right, and diagonal.

    Word Search Puzzles: Crossword can help increase your vocabulary and empower your brain. By playing Word Search Puzzles: Crossword, you may improve your memory and response much to your surprise!

    Welcome to Word Search Puzzles: Crossword! Wish you a big wordbrain! We are coming up with more themes and cheats!

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