School Trip Fun Activities




    Give some relaxation to your kids from their busy school life. Adventurous School Trip is the best option to give some enjoyment and relaxation to your children. School trip is very powerful, strong & attractive teaching tool for kids extracurricular activities enhancement. Visiting & discovering new place of environment is helpful all the time for unique learning. In this kids game we included lots of fun activities. In school trip simulator kids will learn about gathering with teacher and friends.


    1. Bus cleaning

    Its school trip time but first we have to clean the bus in which we will go for a picnic. Kids will learn about cleaning.

    2. Attendance

    In this activity school teacher will take the attendance so that she can decide how many kids are present.

    3. Pool Repair

    In the road, there will different activity first is pool repair. Kids will learn how to repair the pool with this activity

    4. Fun in the bus

    Have fun with your friends and teacher. play different games and sing the nursery rhymes

    5. Tent making

    Most creative task is tent making. first clean the ground and collect the woods for camp fire. then fix your tent. Living in tent is really fun. Kids will learn new experiences with this kids game.

    6. Fishing

    Fishing is always fun. Tap on the fish and put it into the basket. kids will learn how to catch the fish.

    7. Take a Lunch

    Kids open your lunchbox and give some food to your hungry stomach. Eat healthy food like fruits, sandwiches etc

    8. Hide & Seek

    This is best fun outdoor activities for kids. Play hide & seek with your friends and have fun.

    9. Back to the home

    After having so much back to your home. Your school bus will drop you to your home.


    * School trip will help to improve self confidence and self esteem in adventurous kids.
    * Best outdoor activities for kids
    * Learning educational game for kids and toddlers
    * Lots of fun activities
    * Attractive graphics images

    Download this School Trip Fun Activities games and have fun!

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