Talking Kitty Dunja




    One little cat wants to meet you, and her name is Dunja. If you are looking for a furry friend, then you will be thrilled when you see what we have prepared for you. A lot of fun is heading your way, so make sure to download free Talking Kitty Dunja game as soon as possible, and start the adventure!


    The best way one can have fun is by playing games, so once you get the latest Talking Kitty Dunja every day will be filled with laughter, and you won't be able to take your hands off of your smartphone and tablet. Now you will have a new virtual friend, and you will have to take care of her and make sure that she is always satisfied and happy.

    The most important thing is for Dunja not to be hungry. If you notice that she hasn't eaten in a while and that her stomach hurts, take her to the kitchen and feed her. You will have food at disposal, and you will have to go to the shop to buy more when you run out of it. Your virtual cat will also need to keep good hygiene, so take a look at bathroom that we have prepared for you in the top Talking Kitty Dunja and take her there when she gets dirty. She will also have to brush her teeth, and all of that will teach the youngest ones to take care of their hygiene and be clean. One more thing that you should pay attention to is that your friend is not sad. If she stops smiling, you will need to entertain her, and you can do that by playing with games, playing an instrument, or dancing. When she gets tired after all of that, take her to bed and make sure that she gets enough sleep. If you are impatient and you can't wait for her to rest, then watch a video and you will be able to skip sleeping!


    The newest Talking Kitty Dunja game offers so many great things, so take a look at all of them and have the best experience with this cool game. If you love to change outfits, you will certainly be thrilled when you see that Dunja has a wardrobe full of clothes! You can change her look every day if you like, and you could also change her hairstyle and make her fashionable. Experiment with different looks and have the most of fun.

    Besides changing your virtual pet's appearance, you will be able to change her home in the top Talking Kitty Dunja too! Check out furniture that is at your disposal, and express your creativity by decorating the house. You will be able to change the look of every room, and you can do that as often as you like. But you should know that not every item will be available right away, and that you will need to buy it. Also, you will be able to access certain accessories, outfits, and furniture when you reach certain level. So, make sure to complete all of them so you would be able to buy everything for your pet. Talking games bring so much fun, so get the latest Talking Kitty Dunja as soon as possible and start playing it today!

    In the Talking Kitty Dunja game, you can:

    Talk to the cat and hear her repeating your words
    Feed Dunja and take care of her
    Change her hairstyle and clothes
    Decorate Dunja's house the way you like

    There are a few ways for you to earn coins that you're going to need in order to buy food and everything you need for Dunja. One is by playing mini games, so check out what the coolest Talking Kitty Dunja has to offer. The more you play, the more money you earn, so earn coins by having fun, and then enjoy spending them! You could also play with puzzles, and you will get money by upgrading to another level and spinning the prize wheel too. Dunja is ready to welcome you into the world of talking animals, so become friends with her and have fun every day!

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