Parchis HD 3




    The classic board game "parchis" (Parcheesi) now with American Edition Mode: Two dices! The best selling Parchis for iPad now on Android! FREE!

    Amazing realism with 3D dice and physics. Throw the dice with your fingers and look at it bouncing on the board!

    Have fun playing with your family and friends or even play solo, trying to beat the Artificial Inteligence. Any player can be replaced by the AI.

    Play in teams of two!

    Full Screen! The design has been made to take full advantage of the screen. So you and your friends can sit comfortably around your tablet.

    Very easy-to-slide pieces. Start dragging a pawn and a star will show up witch is your destination square. Sea how it auto-adjusts in its place when you release it.

    Funny effects for funnier matches. Quick and easy to use menus to access the game without complications. Beautiful design, reminiscent of the classic Parcheesi board...

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