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    What happens when you combine top farm management game with the ultimate cooking simulation game ? You get COOKING COUNTRY - DESIGN CAFE , the newest farm management, designing, & farm cooking game - all in one! Bring the farm-to-table experience home as you grow and raise your own food ingredients, then cook over 100 recipes with the fresh produce and serve them in your farm Café & challenge the World’s chefs in the cooking dash and thereby improving farming & cooking skills.

    COOKING COUNTRY - DESIGN CAFE takes you on a farming and cooking adventure. You’ll be a top farmer and growing your own fresh produce, bringing it to the restaurant kitchen, cooking delicious recipes, practicing restaurant management skills, and entertaining customers.

    Your Uncle has vanished, and you need to manage the family farm, harvest crops, and run the farm Café as a rising star chef! There’s farming & cooking adventure to be had as you harvest the crops in the farm and garden, work as a master chef to cook delicious food from over 100 recipes, scramble to serve customers in th e restaurant, and design your Café! Your time management & cooking skills will be put to the ultimate test as you become a master chef, top farmer, and designer! Can you conquer this restaurant management simulation and save the farm Café? Escape to COOKING COUNTRY for an exciting farming and cooking adventure!

    COOKING COUNTRY is the new cooking game that brings everything together in the ultimate restaurant management and best farming game. Do it all!
    COOK over 100 recipes to serve in your farm cafe
    FARM as you plant and harvest crops in your garden, making ingredients to cook into food
    FEED hay and grain to the cutest animals on your farm
    SERVE hilarious, adorable customers, including the challenging STAR customers
    DESIGN every aspect of your Café, from the floor to the windows to the chairs
    ENJOY exclusive events that reward unique decorations to add to your design
    PRACTICE your time management, cooking, and design skills in this amazing restaurant and top farm management game
    Can you bring your family’s country farm and Café back to life? You’ll need to be a master chef, a legendary farmer, and a time management specialist. If you succeed, you’ll become a farming legend and save your cafe farm!

    This is a unique time management game for those who have conquered their craze for cooking adventure, calmed their fever, and traveled across the world to become a star chef. A game for those who want the newest and hottest restaurant management, kitchen story, designing, cooking, and best farming simulation. It’s easy to manage a farm, cook in a restaurant, tend to a garden, or design a Café. The adventure of COOKING COUNTRY - DESIGN CAFE is to farm, build the perfect Café, and become the world’s greatest chef while building the top farm, designing a restaurant that deserves a Michelin Star and enriching the country life.

    Download COOKING COUNTRY - DESIGN CAFE , the newest fusion of farming and restaurant time management game . If you have been playing farm management and cooking simulation games, COOKING COUNTRY is here to become the favorite time management game in your phone. Why wait? Download the most fun restaurant simulation & farm games NOW!

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