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    If you love fruits chop games or hammer games then it’s time to add another name in your favorites list of endless taping games. Fruits Chop Games is a chopping game in which you are in control of a mighty axe or hammer, as you set out to successfully chop fruit and everything that comes in your way. You will get to play different roles. Want to be a woodcutter and cut wood? Bomb hitting up! Or be a miner, pick an axe and start splitting fruits. You can even go on a beach, get a pineapple and chop it up. Sounds fun, right? Think for a while and get ready to play an endless fruits chop slicing game here for real fruits chopping experience.

    This fruits chop games brings a lot of fruits to cut down, wood and bombs to cut with a woodcutter simulator. You just have to select a hammer or axe according to your own choice and start endless fruit cutting 2019 with unlimited tap and become endless fruits cutter of the year 2019. Accept the fruit chop challenge, avoid cutting bombs and other restricted things which will come into your way and become the fruits chopper. Take part in one of the best arcade game and cut multiple fruits and wood to kill your time. Like other bomb smash games this fruits cutting game will provide you a chance to become master fruit chop. Smooth and realistic hammer jump controls will lead you to clear all the challenging stages of fruit chop fun.

    If you like to become special fruit cutter and release your stress by cutting fruits then this endless fruit chop game is waiting for you with full woodcutter simulator fun and enjoyment. You would have played multiple fruits cutting games available on the Google play store like smash fruits game and fruits slicing 3d game but here is a best fruit chop master game with bomb hitting up for you to kill your leisure time. Just download and install this chop chop game once for me you will really like and love it when you will play it. You will recommend this fruits chop game to your family members and friends. Catch the special cutter to cut unlimited fruits and for master slicing and time killing. Don’t waste your time by playing woodcutter simulator games but install this new arcade game and enjoy the endless tap to cut fruits and wood.

    Highlights of Fruit Chop Games:

    High-quality and stunning endless slicing graphics
    Free to download chop smash game
    Free to play fruits slicing 3d
    Simple and easy to play bomb hitting up game
    Smooth and fun gameplay

    Endless Fruits Chop Games 2019 Instructions:

    Avoid tapping on bomb explosives
    Tap on clocks to slow down the game speed
    Tap on hearts to gain extra lives for fruits cutting
    Tap on stars to earn points and unlock more levels
    Keep an eye on the objects

    There are different scenes and levels in this hammer jump game. So, you won’t get bored. Also, there are bonuses such as stars, hearts, and clocks. Slice the clock to slow down the Fruits Chop game for some time. Found a heart? Chop it up! Hearts count as lives, collect as many hearts as you can for more score.

    However, that’s not all. In addition to woods, stones, fruits, and bonuses, you may also come across things that you need NOT to chop chop. There will be many bomb explosives, which you must not chop them. As soon as you tap a bomb, the game will be over.

    Thank you for downloading fruit chop games, hope you will enjoy playing it!

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