Lake Kindred Origin




    Lake Kindred Origin is a monster collection game designed to be relaxing and fun. Level up your mystic tree, collect your own mythical creatures and make the scenery lively! Lake Kindred Origin is a beautiful, mystical habitat waiting for you to explore!

    How to Play
    Step 1: Collect life energy by tapping on the screen
    Step 2: Help your Sycamorte tree grow by leveling up!
    Step 3: Grow fruit to collect other Kin for your habitat!
    Step 4: Keep going!

    Collection Fun: Collect mythical Kin! Some are very rare, so do your best to get them all.
    Helpful Skills and Tools: We have provided skills that will help you advance through the game faster, to make the game more fun for you.
    Peaceful Gameplay: This game will help you relax and have fun while resting!
    Low Maintenance: Simply sign in once in a while and tap the fruits to collect your Kin!
    Beautiful Art: These cute and lovely Kin are sure to brighten your day!

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