Sniper Warrior: 3D shooting games: PVP shooter FPS

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    Sniper Warrior: 3D shooting games: PVP shooter FPS

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    Best FPS Shooting Action Game
    In one line best aim and shoot game. In this game as a secret agent you have to finish the missions within provided ammo and time. You can shoot multiple targets in different missions. By buying bigger telescope helps to view clear targets. Auto reloading, telescope and breath control make it best user experience game on mobiles. In your inventory you will get a sniper gun, 2x telescope, 4 second breath control and bullets. Sniper 3d is a truly clash of criminals game. Sniper warrior belongs to a top action games league. Download free shooting game now. Sniper warriors is real shooting game or in other words, Gun Shooter Game. Sniper 3d strike on bad guys before they attack the city
    Game story is, In 2020 All World Peace Conference going to happens in the City of gangsters. All major terrorist groups are united and wants to sabotage this event to bring instability in the world. Intelligence report tell us that they have collaborate with city Mafia Don and their plans are very clear to do of some high value targets and planing to do some big explosions in public places. One thing which make security agencies more worried about is they have world deadliest weapons. As a secret agent your missions is to get these “bad boys” before they reach their targets. As a first person shooter you have all required items at first place but you can also upgrade your inventory later. You have short range guns and long range guns. The best you could have is the Breath control supplement which helps to aim better. You objectives are simple and clear “shoot”
    FPS Shooting game features:
    - Difficult 20 missions
    - Best 3D graphics
    - Holiday resort
    - Long Range Sniper Rifles
    - Real shooting effects
    - Real time objects response
    - Shooting weapons
    - Special weapons
    - Heavy weapons
    - High quality 3D graphics
    - Pvp Army shooting
    - Sniper PVP and PVP Arena
    How to play:
    - Slide the screen to aim and shoot the target
    - Use sniper scope to zoom in or out
    - Press the bullet button and file
    - To take control over aim press breath control button

    One training level design here where you have to destroy, 2 Barrels placed on hut area at bottom but not together. one aquarium in sitting area and one in snooker area. TV in other sitting room, One lamp in snooker area turn off after hit, and one in garage, car in garage explode after hit. shooting bill boards on water tanks.
    FPS 3D is a gun killer game. you are a one man army kill city enemies who are hidings themselves in a resort. Sniper shoot has a new powerful game play. In this game you can always take a cover shot. Gun shot fire is very realistic. Slow motion animation make it best shooting experience. Download shooting wali game and complete the easy to difficult missions. Play sniper wali game with realistic environment and amazing graphics. After completing this game you become the part of Sniper Anti-Terrorist squad. Download game and play in offline and online. If you finish the game in first try you will get a crown of Sniper king. It is a top sniping games. Just free download this rockstar games and be a altos. Sniper warrior is a war games against mafia and free fires available in many levels. This is a amazing Royale Sniper for Royal warriors. It is an arena sniping games 2019.

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