My Talking Andy




    Have you even been waiting for a pet that you want to adopt and take care of? Meet Andy, the little chameleon? My Talking Andy is a virtual pet that won’t let you miss a real pet. He will keep you as engaged as a factual friend that you would have adopted.

    He will become your best friend once you nurture him with love and care. Since you will be taking care of him, it will be your duty to feed him and let him go to sleep on time.
    It repeats everything that you say in a funny voice. You can even poke him to irritate him and to see his cute gestures.

    When you are bored you can enjoy his naughty dance moves on the song whip nae nae instrumental that plays in the background. When you have him by your side, you won’t feel the absence of a real pet.

    There are loads of virtual Andy games that you can play along with him. As you play the Talking Andy mini games, he grows up to become a bigger chameleon. As he grows, you will also unlock many new game levels and clothes for My Talking Virtual Andy. Make your own chameleon pet look super cool in exotic reptile skins, clothes, and accessories.
    The collection of Andy mini games includes games for people of all ages. Now, that’s something for everyone. You can choose to play any game with him. More you play the game, more he will grow.

    You will fall in love with this cute chameleon once you start playing the Talking Andy free game. While you play this funny talking game, you will get to earn coins for Andy. You can use these coins to buy him clothes and food. The harder you play; better you will be able to take care of Andy.

    Download My Talking Andy free game to take care of this virtual pet that needs your love and care.

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