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    Happy Dad Family - Virtual Life Simulator

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    Welcome to the amazing happy dad family life simulator, virtual dad is the best family man and without him the happy family is incomplete. Be an ultimate virtual family man and help out a day’s work all around the house. Perform various tasks and take care of this amazing virtual dad happy dad family life. In this virtual life simulator game, you can be a handyman for the whole family. You can help out your wife from the start of the day. Help her prepare kids for high school and make a healthy breakfast for your kids. This virtual dad world will let you manage household activities to support your happy dad family along with neighbors and pets.

    In virtual life simulator world is about a caring man who really cares for his virtual family. Happy dad family is a real asset for dad. Being a virtual father is a tough job in taking care of each member and to manage tasks other than office work. Virtual dad world is a care taker in this domestic game. Kids are ready for high school, drop them to school bus pickup point. Make yummy food as master cook chef for the whole virtual family. it’s the dad’s day home alone and it’s your turn to be the kitchen helper in the messy house. Maid is on a leave from duty, so its practical dad life who has to work all alone, let’s see if the daddy has the potential to clean the messy house and make it all tidy in this amazing virtual life simulator work a happy family simulator game. Bring up your children like parents. Let them learn the good and bad side of life. The lifestyle of a working virtual dad life is very difficult because he needs to take care of his work and manage home activities like a virtual happy dad.

    Experience working in dad world daily life routine as it is the adventurous task for dad life to manage all the happy family activities smartly. Virtual happy family dad world is all about managing activities with combine effort of every domestic member to enjoy the real fun. Learn work-life balance by completing home tasks and happy dad family life activities at a same time. Maintain a happy household life with a time table for your familial in this life simulation game and make your virtual wife and baby to sleep at time and wake up time. Keep doing all the super dad life things that a dad does in a happy family dad world game like a professional for virtual happy dad family. Enjoy the fun filled adventures of being a virtual dad simulator, have a fun time with mom dad simulator. As a kid help your household in daily routine work. In free time at evening take a virtual family walk around the city shopping center.

    Happy Dad Family - Virtual Life Simulator Game
    • Play adventure missions and perform tasks.
    • Manage your home with your wife.
    • Manage responsibility of being a dad life and help mom dad simulator
    • Ultimate life simulations with virtual family.
    • Smooth and easy controls.
    • Be a handy man and take good care of your kids and wife.

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