Christmas Photo Puzzle




    Are you a puzzler and a true admirer of colorful picture puzzle games? Photo puzzle maker is best choice for you! Challenge your brain by completing photo puzzle. This game is suitable for all the family members, despite of the age and experience. This photo puzzle game is full of entertainment for everyone and it contains easy to hard puzzles at different stages. And these all are free puzzles.
    This game is very easy to play with very simple controls, it has simple and easy interfaces and rich graphics. Interesting background music will never make you feel bored. Complete the simple and easy photo puzzle in the start and move to higher stages that contain hard puzzles. So, adult and kids this photo puzzle maker game is perfect for all of you. This game contains many free puzzles, the more the merrier, and No WIFI is required.
    Merry Christmas puzzlers! Wait for the secret santa clause on santa’s reindeer with jingle bells. Enjoy your Christmas celebrations with this xmas puzzle game. Puzzlers enjoy your Christmas with picture puzzle game. It contains many free puzzles as the more the merrier with many merry Christmas pictures and Christmas picture frames. Christmas comes with secret santa clause, Christmas tree, santa’s reindeer, snowman, Christmas tree pictures, jingle bells, Rudolf and snow. Happy marry Christmas from our side. Make your merry Christmas more enjoyable with this game that contains lots of merry Christmas pictures as the more the merrier. You will LOVE this xmas puzzle game.
    Enjoy your leisure time with this relaxing photo puzzle maker game. It is great exercise for your brain yet very calm and relaxing. It will help to boost memory and mental skills and help you to enhance the cognitive skills. This game is designed and developed for android devices with free puzzles. Research studies have shown that playing puzzle games helps the brain in developing analytical skills, helps kids to start better at kindergarten and help elders to keep concentration. Its never too early to start playing photo puzzle game!
    The merry Christmas pictures like Christmas trees, secret santa clause with santa’s reindeer and jingle bells, Rudolf, snowman, Christmas tree pictures, reindeer are sliced into squares then jumbled and shuffled at random positions. You have to rearrange the square pieces to make a complete xmas puzzle level. Complete one stage to move to next and enjoy all free puzzles given in this xmas image puzzle game.
    This game is very interesting with free puzzles and hard puzzles as compare to other Photo puzzle makers and photo puzzle games with xmas image puzzle theme.
    How to Play:
    - Slide the squares to empty square space.
    - Swap the squares and move them on the board.
    - Move all the squares to their right place to complete the picture.
    This game does not violate any copyrights, if you feel we have violated your copyrights feel free to contact us directly on an e-mail. Please feel free to e-mail us with any bug reports, requests, or questions!
    So, kids and elders what are you waiting for? This entertaining xmas image puzzle game is a merry Christmas gift by secret santa for everyone, Happy Merry Christmas! Download NOW!!

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