Classic Car Parking: Multistory 3D 2018

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    Classic Car Parking: Multistory 3D 2018

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    This multistory CLASSIC CAR PARKING game is a modern era classic cars addictive game for 2018, with real multistory classic environment. If you love vintage / classic cars you must need to play this CLASSIC CAR PARKING 2018 game. This game teaches you how to park classic cars in real multistory car parking lots. This multistory classic parking game has a dynamic game and some realistic controls which you have on screen i.e. steering wheels, accelerator and brake, to assist you on game play. This multistory classical car parking is an addictive game which has some hard levels; a professional driver will discover all those car parking levels in this multistory classic car parking game. The game environment has a real multistory parking lot which has single row as well as double row parking spaces. In this environment the player can master his / her skills of perpendicular, angle, reverse and parallel parking.
    MULTILEVEL CLASSIC CAR PARKING 2018 is the best of vintage car parking game. Car parking simulator 3d is one of the best car parking simulator 2018 new parking game. This car parking simulator 3d 2018 new has different car parking zone. To become car parking master you need to play this car parking impossible game. This car parking jam has various car parking challenges which you can practice to learn car parking in a multi level car parking game environment. there are car parking unlimited levels with real fun car parking game. you can drive car parking taxi or car parking jeep or car parking vintage cars. Car parking jeep dive should be added to this classic car parking gem but for now there car vintage cars and car parking taxi to dive cars and park cars in this car parking jam. This car parking lite is a car parking low mb game of car parking simulator 3d.
    Real driver parking reloaded 3d games have crazy car parking of vintage cars and classic cars but this car parking game which we call car parking kam mb wil game or simply car parking wali game is a multi level car parking simulator for real driver parking to unleash car parking easy, car parking hard and car parking hd. Crazy car parking kam mb wali game is multi level car parking game. Take easy car parking and hard parking challenging car parking multi level tutorials to become real driver parking reloaded expert.

    Due to day to day increase of number of vehicles surface parking can not counter parking problem in a city, therefore, time has come now to shift from surface to multilevel parking. This game helps players to practice their parking skills in a multilevel or multistory environment.
    This game shows you all drifting, racing and parking skills without hitting other cars, obstacles and objects. You would have played lot of car parking games but this multistory classical car parking game is different because it has real hardcore challenges with a lot of difficulties in a tough parking adventure. The classic multistory car parking has 10 levels and different classic cars for professional fans of classical car parking game. So choose your favorite classic car and drive it carefully on difficult tracks in different level and park it properly, without hitting object and obstacle.

    How to play
    1. Steering: For turning car left, right.
    2. Accelerator: to speed the car up and down.
    3. Brake: to stop the car.
    4. Gear: For moving the car forward / backward.
    5. Collision meter: To show classic car health
    1. Real 3D parking environment.
    2. Marvelous HD graphics.
    3. Melodious music and sound effects.
    4. Multistory / multilevel parking lot.
    5. Challenging levels
    6. Classic cars
    7. Multiple camera angles
    8. Completely free and offline play
    9. Smart tracks and user interface.
    More classic cars are yet to be added in upcoming updates. Stay connected with us on social media.

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