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    Gunship Helicopter : Traffic Shooter

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    Gunship helicopter traffic shooter is a 3D action game. The game is designed to hunt for your enemies vehicles going through traffic within the city. Gunship helicopter traffic shoot is a game in which you can experience helicopter flight simulation while the same time you can engage In a combat mission. While playing the Gunship helicopter game the player has to shoot his/her target and save his/her helicopter from a crash with high-rise buildings of the city.

    Shooting enemy's cars while flying in the sky Is really a fun.
    The guided missiles have the highest accuracy, player can hit enemy car going through traffic, with a single shot once it is locked in radar. The gunship is loaded with a sophisticated radar system, guided missiles and burst fires.

    Gunship helicopter traffic shooter is helpful for players to become one of the best combat helicopter pilot. Are you ready to take control of apache and fly it skillfully through the sky of your city and save your people from terrorists? Then this game provides you the the best Environment to simulate your helicopter flying skills and shoot terrorists roaming in city traffic.

    This Apache gunship chopper is able to perform various manures. You can make you chopper fly through buildings by using it's very easy to use controls. This gunship chopper has controls for acceleration, missile strike and burst fire. This Apache gunship chopper also has an onscreen Joystick control for moving between the high-rise buildings of the city.

    The Gunship helicopter traffic shooter has the following features:

    1. Real 3D big city environment with heavy traffic.
    2. Marvelous HD graphics.
    3. Melodious music and sound effects.
    4. Challenging levels.
    5. Apache gunship helicopter.
    6. Multiple camera angles
    7. Completely free and offline play

    How to play
    1. Onscreen joystick control: For moving the gunship helicopter left, right, up and down.
    2. Accelerator: to speed the gunship helicopter up and down.
    3. Burst Fire Button: to fire multiple rounds form the gunship helicopter.
    4. Missile Button: to fire high accuracy guided missile from the gunship helicopter to hit the locked enemy vehicle in city traffic.
    5. Radar View: to find enemy’s vehicle location in city traffic.
    6. Fuel Tank: to show how much fuel is remaining in the gunship helicopter.

    The Gunship helicopter: Traffic shooter game currently has ten challenging levels. There is currently one Apache gunship helicopter available for player to complete all the level. However, in future release, it has been decided to add more gunship helicopters and levels.

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