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    Hippo magic school opens its doors for new students! If you want to know what a real witch does, what secrets alchemy has, or you want to learn interesting spells and recipes of a forest sorcery shop, than let's start our adventure! Than sorcery, magic and a lot of fun are waiting for you!

    Hippo family has a very interesting relative Aunt Morgana. Why is she interesting? First of all because of the fact that she is a real witch! But it is no use to be afraid, she has never done anything bad with magic. Instead of bedevil somebody or flying with a broom, this lady works in the forest sorcery shop with exciting potions. She is a certified alchemist, she can make magical potions for any case in the life. And also a good sorceress helps anybody who comes to her shop. But even a good sorceress can't work forever. Once she decided to make a holiday and fly to Miami Beach with a broom. But there are so many clients coming to the shop every day. Could all the people who need an urgent help not get it? The Witch has niece Hippo, she can work while her relative is on holiday. Today the main witch is our curious Hippy! But what to do if the niece is not an alchemist? How could she make a magical potion without a sorcery certificate? Hippo needs your help! Find book, where there are all the recipes, potions and ancient maps, where there are also places with ingredients pointed on the map. Find the correct ingredients on a graveyard, in the ghost castle and in the swampland! Make potions, make experiments and create new unbelievable spells!

    Today a mysterious alchemy and magic are waiting for you! A funny magic school is suitable for all the family members, for boys and girls. A funny new game, as well as all our educational games for boys and girls is absolutely for free. Stay tuned and stay with us. Have fun playing with your relatives our educational games.

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