Shut The Box Game




    Welcome to the Shut The Box dice game!
    This is a traditional game played around the world. This version runs on android.
    Click on "New Game"
    Click on "Roll" to roll the dice
    Click on the numbered tiles to the same amount as that on the dice
    If you have been able to click on the appropriate numbered tiles, you will be able to roll again.
    If all the tiles have been clicked on, then you have shut the box!

    When rolling the dice, you will get a value between 2 and 12
    In order to proceed, you must close tiles to the value of that shown on the dice
    You can only roll the dice if the number of closed tiles in this round is equal to the value of the dice
    Good luck and enjoy playing the fun shut the box game!

    Shut the box is a traditional dice and board game that is now available for android, try it for free !

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