Idle Evolution

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    •Evolve and reap the rewards as you progress deeper into the evolution tree!

    •Level up and unlock 50+ unique upgrades, each providing bonuses to aid you further into the game!

    •Find and unlock 20+ items, all of which giving special bonuses!

    •Find ultra rare Magic Logs - Each one giving you a permanent bonus of your choice!

    •Spec into your skill-tree and customize which bonuses you want to upgrade!

    •35+ Achievements to be earned, every achievement gives permanent bonuses!

    •Prestige system which rewards continuous play with permanent multipliers!

    •Unlock and upgrade the autoclicker and progress when the game is minimized!

    •Find growth stones and evolve your tree to its maximum potential!

    •Suitable for phones and tablets!!

    •Game updates based on player feedback!

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    •Background artwork by

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