Tune By Ear Bass Guitar




    Tune By Ear Bass Guitar is the best and only app for training to tune by ear your bass guitar without using any tuner. Specific ear training for bass players!

    Tune By Ear app will get some random strings out of tune and then you do the same things you do with a bass guitar in your hands, use your ear to compare the pitch of the strings and adjust each string machine head.

    Why would you need a tuner for your bass? Just tune by ear!

    What are the permissions for?
    - Accounts : The app needs to know the user name of the associated account to link data saved to that user.
    - Internet : The app needs to access internet to update user data.
    - Network state : The app needs to check network availability for saving battery life.
    - Billing : The app needs to know this data to allow the user do in-app purchases.

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