India In Jigsaw Puzzles




    'India in Jigsaw Puzzles' is a relaxing and enjoyable jigsaw puzzle game with lots of beautiful pictures from India. Unwind after a stressful day as put together the jigsaw pieces and learn interesting facts about India.

    This game is fun and addicting for both adults and kids, with these features:
    - Challenge yourself with difficulty ranging from 12 pieces to 280 pieces.
    - Each pack has a theme and each photo tells a story about India, e.g.
    - Travel to the scenic UNESCO world heritage sites in India
    - Explore the colorful and exotic festivals of India
    - India is facing a water crisis, see for yourself through our photos
    - Get to know what common people in India are doing to make a living
    - New puzzle packs added regularly
    - Take a break and come back to a puzzle as your progress is always saved

    Working on jigsaw puzzles and concentrating on an image is meditative and induces a certain calmness and peace of mind. It sharpens memory and improves brain function, and helps you clear out the clutter in your mind.

    Download now and get started on this wonderful journey to explore the magical land that is India :)

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