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    On this quiz you have 3 chances to complete, if you lose all chances you will back to the first question. Show us if you are a good fan of Nanatsu no Taizai completing all questions!

    This quiz has translations in english and portuguese; if we having a good number of stars, soon more questions.

    Nanatsu Quiz 2 is a tribute to the anime Nanatsu no Taizai or The Seven Deadly Sins (in english).

    Questions of the quiz:

    1. Who created the laws of the Seven Deadly Sins?
    2. What is the name of the dog form of King's Chastiefol?
    3. Elizabeth is the princess of which kingdom?
    4. Ban can't die. (True or False)
    5. Ban is the sin of...
    6. What is the name of this artifact?
    7. What is Gowther's ability that causes all around to lose consciousness?
    8. Where did Meliodas sell his Lostvayne?
    9. How long has Ban been immortal?
    10. How old was Elizabeth when she won this earring?
    11. Who subscribed Ban, King and Meliodas in the fight festival?
    12. How many forms does Helbram have?
    13. How many sins were at the fight festival?
    14. Who is the character below?
    15. Who made Diane's cloth?
    16. Who were the finalists in the fight festival?
    17. How many are the Commandments?
    18. Elizabeth is what princess of Liones?
    19. Who was the fifth sin to appear in the anime?
    20. Who has the greatest total power level?
    21. Ban is the youngest of the Seven Deadly Sins.
    22. What is the Danafor symbol?
    23. Who has the Bear symbol?
    24. What is the symbol color of the sins?
    25. What is Merlin's sacred treasure?
    26. What is the home of the Giant Clan?
    27. How old is Meliodas about?
    28. How was Diane called at the fight festival?
    29. What did Meliodas buy after the sale of Lostvayne?

    If you have any suggestion for questions, send us an email with the title " Nanatsu Quiz " to

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