Farm Harvest 3- Match 3 Game




    Tony planted a farm at the foot of Alps,he want to be a to protect his farm. all the crops in this beautiful farm is used to provide daily needs to the people in the village. Tony’s hard working brought rich fruit and joy to Dearfully Village, and his farm business also managed well increasing the family income. However, it didn’t last too long, the bad rabbit Nick came to rob the results of Tony’s Farm every few days. In order to ensure daily demand for the people in the village's, please come and help Heidi keeping the farm away from Nick’s tournament.
    How to Play:
    1. collect fruit features to make the fruits a good harvest.
    2. clean the dirty place of the farm.
    3. collect rice straw which are provided for cows.
    4. find the chicks and bunnies hiding under the board.
    5. collect fruit and make fruit orders
    6. change money by a rare gold beans hiding under the mud floor.
    7. Nick! Stop!!! The bad rabbit tournament the vegetables again! Hurry up and stop him!
    8. become a farm to finish all levels.

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