Jetman vs Evil Birds




    Make your way and clear your own path in this awesome and endless shooting adventure. You are in to destroy evil birds, very wicked birds which come to spoil your ride or kill you with their bewitching fireballs. You've got a unique laser machine gun with a double firing system, use it to destroy the birds, all of them but except the small doves. Be very cautious about the red bats, do not come accross them as much as you can because they are blood suckers, but luckily for you these red bats are all blind in daylight. And also, try your best to avoid the bewitching fireballs, they are meant to cause you fear of heights.

    You can play the game in two options. The nolimit option gives you an unlimited full flight experience. You become invincible unless you manage to skip the green electric waves.
    The challenge option sets you to compete for a 13000 points record. In this second option, you get a life bonus each time you achieve to destroy 100 fat enchanted birds, those with the bewitching fireballs.

    Moreover, you can also enable the social feature in order to share your screenshots on twitter with followers and or post your achievement on facebook. But never forget, the sky is not yours, so then watch your back for incoming flying vehicles, they can be targeting you, to knock you over when you get 30 more points for a fat bird, 10 more point for a red bat and 10 less point for an innocent blue dove destroyed by you. That is why get healed when you are hurt, collect gold and make sure your shield is always on in order to survive and to fly as far as possible in this adventure.

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