Rolling Donut




    Game Rolling donut is a classic game which contains a sweet doughnut in a sweety world with and gorgeous through various dangerous obstacles, help to take the strawberry donut in use to unlock the donut friends are cute and sweet, so that you can play as another doughnut, and exploring the world of sweet doughnut but also full of danger, help mara doughnuts past obstacles and also there is the pesky monsters in your journey come complete obstacles and try the extent to which you can adventure as a doughnut

    The Game Features
    -Beautiful Graphics that are sweet and gorgeous full hd that won't make you bored during play
    -Obstacles and confront monsters who train mu in focus
    -Ease in control of the game, a feature that's easy for you guys, 63 levels
    -Many of the characters are funny or cool Donuts that you can play
    The fruits are used as coin to unlock new characters, so try to get as many point mu

    Game Controls
    -Donut rolling / moving will be in accordance with the movement you're doing by pressing the/button press the arrow direction there are the bottom of the bar as a control to run
    To walk to the left click or push the button left arrow direction (< =) and to move to right click tombola rah right arrow (= >)
    -Control control is an additional jump so that you can more easily explore the worldin a sweet donut, click/push the button panel of the direction of the arrow up (i ^ i)

    I hope you guys Enjoy this Game, Enjoy the game you can play with friends you guys most looking for a score and compete or play the longest and most remote, Please support for gaming this cute!!

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