World of Empires 2




    World of Empires 2.

    This new version comes with a new engine, new UI, improved animations, improved AI and many new features.

    New UI
    UI has been completely redesigned to provide you a better experience

    New AI
    AI has been completely rewritten and is much more faster.

    Create Armies
    Combine units to make powerful armies

    Local Multiplayer
    You can play a multiplayer party on the same device

    Online Parties
    Sign up with your email, chat and play with anyone in the world

    Future units and technologies
    Create cyborgs and drones, use future weapons and protect your cities with Energy Shield

    Enhance your units

    Dominate oceans
    Build cities on ocean and move them.

    New Map Editor
    Place your resources, rivers and starting points for the civilizations.

    New World Generator
    Change how the world looks like, with Terraforming.

    Low Poly or Textured
    You can choose to play with low poly troops or textured.

    Pay the game as you wish
    It's free but contains rewarded videos and you can pay the game like you wish

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    An OpenGL ES 3 device is required and at least 1.5GB free RAM is required to play on a big map.

    Access on local storage: it is used to save temporary files and your saved games. The game never accesses your pictures and videos.

    Feel free to send me your suggestions.

    Thank you

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