OIE Rinderpest Serious Game




    The OIE developed a serious game that aims to maintain a level of awareness and vigilance related to clinical signs of rinderpest, to help ensure our world remains free from this eradicated disease by ensuring that the memory of it remains alive. This game is directed towards key players in animal health so they are aware of the role that they still have to play in the rinderpest post-eradication era.
    Players will be both in the shoes of a veterinarian and of a laboratory technician. As a veterinarian, the player will have to detect rinderpest among other similar diseases or not-so-similar pathologies (distractors). To start the game, the player will have to choose a suspect disease case that has been found somewhere in the world and then undertake differential diagnoses based on clinical signs, often shared with rinderpest. Once the examination is done, the player will make a tentative diagnosis that will be validated. If it is wrong, the player will have to further investigate to find the correct diagnosis.
    As a laboratory technician, the player will help other technicians throughout the world with management of Rinderpest Virus Containing Material (RVCM) while trying to unravel the truth concerning the source of the virus outbreak.
    As worldwide renowned expert, the player will travel the world to stop the spread of rinderpest.

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