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    Animal Dance for Toddlers - Fun Educational Game

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    Animal Dance for Kids is one of our entertaining and learning games for kindergarten children of the age 2-5 years old. Exciting music games for toddlers will captivate your baby from the first seconds after the start and show animal dancing movements!
    Killer features of dance games for kids:
    - Learn to dance together with a charming Cow! Dancing Cow is very skilled in baby dancing and knows over 10 different moves. The Cow shows animal dance and dances with her shoulders and arms, stomps her feet, waves her hands and tail, hops on one leg or jumps on both, jingles the bell, claps her hooves and moves her entire body in a nice groovy cow dance.
    - Playing dancing games for kids, your baby will be involved in an interactive gameplay with great pleasure. Watching funny dancing animals for kids your toddler will not help repeating animal songs and dance after the dancing games animals. Baby dance game is sure to bring a smile on your baby's little face and provide high spirits, because, as you know, children dance has a positive impact on the health and mood of any child.
    - Dance games are a personal entertainment for your baby, which was created taking into account the peculiarities of the musical education of preschool children and educational apps for toddlers.
    - Such music games for kids and fun animal games, as the let's dance with animals game, contribute to the development of motor skills, sense of rhythm and musical perception.
    - There are two modes of baby dance in this music games for babies: in the first mode of the animal games for kids the Cow dances to the music, in the second mode of the animal games for toddlers the Cow waits for the kid to initiate a movement.
    - You can download all our educational games for kids kindergarten for free, as well as these musical games for kids. Free kids music games for toddlers are a great option for families will a small budget, because they get learning games for kids without compromising quality.
    - Animal Dance for Kids can be regarded as dance games for boys and dance games for girls.
    Our games with animals are suitable for children of the following ages:
    - games for toddlers 2 years ol - bright colors will develop visual perception and cheerful music contributes to the development of musical ear;
    - games for toddlers 3 years ol (games for kids 3 years free) - interactivity will train fine motor skills, which is necessary for the development of speech;
    - games for kids 4 years old - merry dancing with kids animals will encourage the child to repeat the moves, which will be a good workout;
    - learning games for 5 year olds - your child will learn how to dance and the basic dance moves, that will be useful for attending dance classes or choreography.
    How to play animals games with dance:
    Opening animal games toddler will see that once in the morning, when the meadow was drenched with sunshine, the Cow decided to get a little dancing exercise. Help her limber up and break a sweat yourself playing preschool games for little kids!
    After starting baby games for babies choose a game mode on the main screen. The oval portals of the educational apps for kids lead to a meadow, where the Cow places her disco on a tree stump and takes on dancing. There are four colorful notes on each side of the screen of the kids animal games. Kids can press them to make the Cow start dancing or change over to a different movement. Who says that animals are clumsy? Look at this virtuoso Cow!
    Tap the oval of learning apps for kids with the Cow dancing actively if you want to see a dance master class by the Cow. She'll move to the music on her own. Your toddler can watch her dance and try to repeat every cheerful movement of hers. Such games for little kids will cause an explosion of positive emotions!
    If you want to create a dance of your own in the games for little girls and games for little boys, choose the other portal. She'll be awaiting your command and will start moving only after you touch a note.

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